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Key Management backed by AWS KMS

Create and control the keys used to encrypt your data


Enhance Kaleido’s built-in protection of your private key materials with a master encryption key stored in your AWS Key Management Service.


Centralized Management

Provides centralized control of your encryption keys with a single view into all of the key usage in your organization. You can easily create, import and rotate keys.

Encryption for all Your Applications

Easy management of encryption keys used to encrypt data stored by your applications regardless of where you store it.

Utmost Security

Provides you a secure location to store and use encryption keys, using FIPS 140-2 validated hardware security modules where your unencrypted keys are only used in memory.

Meet Compliance

Security and quality controls have been validated and certified by a number of compliance schemes.

Full Visibility

All of the calls to KMS for accessing the key are logged and fully auditable, allowing you, the admin of the key, to have full visibility into when Kaleido needs it.

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