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Log Streaming

View and monitor your Kaleido resources in AWS CloudWatch


Kaleido seamlessly integrates with AWS CloudWatch, to diagnose problems quickly, through your application stack, right down onto the chain. The monitoring and management service provides data and actionable insights to monitor your applications running on Kaleido, understand and respond to system-wide performance changes, optimize resource utilization, and get a unified view of operational health.


Access All of Your Data from a Single Platform

Enables you to collect metrics and logs from all your AWS resources, applications, and services that run on AWS and on-premises servers, helping you break down data silos so you can easily gain system-wide visibility.

Richest and Deepest Insights for AWS Resources

Natively integrated with more than 70 AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon ECS, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, etc. that automatically publish detailed 1-minute metrics and custom metrics with up to 1-second granularity.

Visibility Across your Applications, Infrastructure, and Services

Visualize key metrics like CPU utilization and memory. You can also correlate a log pattern, e.g. error to a specific metric to quickly get the context and go from diagnosing the problem to understanding the root cause.

Reduce Time to Resolution and Improve Total Cost of Ownership

Set high resolution alarms and take automated actions. This means freeing up important resources to focus on adding business value.

Drive Insights to Optimize Applications and Operational Resources

Enhanced monitoring with 1-second granularity and up to 15 months of metrics storage and retention.

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