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QEDIT Private Asset Transfer

Keep sensitive transactional data off the blockchain with zero-knowledge proof cryptography.


Execute privacy-preserving asset transfers with ERC20/721 tokens leveraging zero-knowledge proof cryptography.  QEDIT provides a scalable and robust enterprise solution for preserving privacy on the Blockchain. Users can buy and sell Blockchain assets without revealing confidential details about the transaction while still ensuring regulatory compliance according to custom-defined business rules. QEDIT uses standard compliant zero knowledge proof cryptography to ensure the confidentiality of transaction data and metadata delivering a scalable and robust enterprise solution. 


Enterprise-Grade Privacy

Keep transaction details private while maintaining high availability and performance with a robust, production ready solution.

Standard Compliant Cryptography

Future-proof your blockchain with a privacy solution that adheres to specifications defined by, an open initiative of industry and academia to standardize the use of zero-knowledge proofs.

Controlled Transparency & Scaling

Use permissioned auditing tools and stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other local data privacy regulations. Generate zero-knowledge proofs using proprietary proof chaining (parallel proofing) technology that keeps pace with your transaction volume.

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