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Connect your smart contract with real-world data


Rhombus provides an accurate, computable, secure pipeline for the metrics that smart contracts require to execute properly. Commercial-grade dependability ensures that decentralized applications with critical functions can serve a network of any magnitude.


Strict Sourcing

Rhombus offers access to trillions of data primitives. Audited providers with best-in-class APIs use Rhombus to bring their data to blockchains.

Complex Computation

Distill big data into minimum-viable metrics by utilizing arbitrarily complex calculations. Off-chain execution of machine-learned classifiers, image processing, and statistical analysis saves decentralized applications from incurring prohibitive gas costs.

Multiple Delivery Methods

Choose between direct delivery for rare events that need reporting and lighthouse contracts for maintaining an on-chain cache of updating metrics.

Complete Data Mastery

Transform, share, and publish your own data using Rhombus infrastructure. Combine with third-party data to create the custom information streams that your business requires.

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