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Model business processes, track assets & build supply chains faster


Treum is a blockchain-based platform for modeling business processes, tracking assets and building the supply chains of tomorrow. The platform is based on Treum’s experience building bespoke blockchain asset tracking solutions in the healthcare, oil and gas, and real estate industries and is therefore industry agnostic. It’s expensive and time-consuming to build an application; the platform solves the challenge of translating a model into a decentralized application.

The Treum Platform is comprised of these main components:

Captures four pivotal aspects of an asset, such as who, what, when, and where.

Provides a user friendly, web-based interface to model assets and attributes to be tracked, including processes, actors, and their permissions.

Smart Builder
Auto-generates smart contracts and application UI-based on models developed in the Modeler.


Improved Visibility

Application users get real-time and transparent history of the asset journey.

Save Time and Resources

Exponentially reduces cost and time to build and deploy asset tracking solutions on blockchain, and simplify the steps involved in defining and modeling all the key aspects of asset tracking.