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Interact with an Ethereum smart contract on Kaleido via a simple API


The Blockchain Gateway by offers an enterprise-grade solution for you to integrate your applications and devices with blockchain networks in an easy, fast and secure manner. Save valuable time when blockchain development resources are limited. For those consortia and ecosystems that want to rapidly grow the value of their blockchain networks by onboarding new participants, the Blockchain Gateway can serve as a true accelerator.

The gateway is industry agnostic and can be used in financial services, energy, telecom, logistics, healthcare, government and more.

The mission of the team is to unleash the potential of blockchain. With that purpose in mind, we have helped organisations with integration towards blockchain networks and have been developing integration solutions to connect applications to blockchain networks since January 2017. The Ethereum Adapter is a subset of the Blockchain Gateway focused on the most popular blockchain protocol, Ethereum, and made available on the most popular cloud platforms for developers, AWS.


Connect to your Kaleido node through an API

The Ethereum Adapter allows you to interactively configure an API that connects to an Ethereum node, with the added benefit that you can securely store your keys in the AWS Secrets Manager. In this manner, developers can start interacting with Ethereum networks in the most familiar way, through HTTP requests.

Secure key management

The Ethereum Adapter is made available as an AMI on the AWS Marketplace. Once you have deployed your self-hosted Ethereum Adapter you can go to the web address and start configuring it. By going through the wizard you can setup the connection to your node, store your keypair securely, upload and deploy a new smart contract or point to an existing one and finally secure the API endpoint - all in all taking less than 5 minutes to have a secure API available.

Quick prototyping or production, your choice

The Ethereum Adapter is ideal for quick prototyping with Ethereum smart contracts but can just as well be used when there are more stringent non-functional requirements.  We are curious about your experiences with the Ethereum Adapter and would love to hear them. Go and connect to your node by trying it out on the AWS Marketplace and benefit from the 14-day free trial!

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