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Clause Inc.

Connect your smart contract to smart legal agreements.

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Full Description

Contracts sit at the heart of all organizations. When managed correctly they can be your business’ biggest asset, but that management is often time-consuming and resource intensive. Clause takes that pain away by changing contracts from static documents to a dynamic, integrated, part of your business.

Using Clause, you can connect contracts to your existing tools so that you can automate business processes and contract management — all from one powerful platform.

This sample demonstrates how you can connect a (legal) contract to your Kaleido network. Clause will store key contract events on your consortia’s tamper-proof blockchain so that they are securely distributed to all your members. For example, use the Kaleido Audit Log to record all of the obligations that you contract emits.

This is just the beginning, we have lots more exciting plans for Clause + Kaleido!

Clause is built-on the Accord Project stack, the open-source industry-led implementation for Smart Legal Agreements.