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Build your blockchain application 50x faster with Viant - a blockchain-based platform for modeling business processes, tracking assets and building the supply chains of the future.

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Full Description

Viant is built from the ground up as an asset- and domain-agnostic platform, based on our team’s experience building bespoke blockchain asset tracking solutions in the healthcare, oil and gas, and real estate industries. We learned that it was costly and time-consuming to build an application, and there was no seamless way to translate a model into a decentralized application.

Comprised of for main components — Network Manager, Modeler, Access Manager, and Tracker — Viant was built to solve these challenges.

Network Manager | for a network administrator or consortium | provision organizations or vendors as a designated organization and manage specified instances within the permissioned blockchain

Modeler | for business users | model processes, list assets, define attributes to track, determine UI requirements and deploy everything to the blockchain

Access Manager | for a system administrator | add roles, users and set permissions within a specified organization for who can execute actions and see the journey of each asset

Tracker | for application users | view the provenance and journey of an asset and allow users to create and view the status of any asset in real time – this is where business happens