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The most popular Ethereum client, configured for a private network


The go-ethereum Open Source project, or ‘Geth’, is the most popular Ethereum client backing the main-net. Kaleido contributes actively to the Geth project, and has a depth of experience running and maintaining thousands of chains, including critical production workloads.

Built to sustain the security requirements of a large network of anonymous participants, and hardened through thousands of deployments running worldwide for a number of years, it provides a rugged and proven solution for running a private blockchain network.

In Kaleido we configure Geth optimized for a permissioned private chain.


Enterprise blockchain networks require efficient consensus algorithms, with high throughput characteristics, built-in permissioning, and predictable behaviour.

  • Clique PoA: Provides byzantine fault tolerance, coping with large numbers of permissioned signers through a simple and effective strategy of deciding block proposers, optimised to minimize (but not prevent) short-lived forks

Learn more about the consensus algorithms available in Kaleido.


In Kaleido we configure Geth by default with a zero minimum gas price, and high block gas limit.

We provide three t-shirt sizes when you deploy a node, with different transaction pool, memory and CPU limitations – ready for the demands of a production permissioned network.


Clique/POA consensus

Proof of authority based consensus. Instead of miners racing to find a solution to a difficult problem, authorized signers create new blocks in a synchronized manner.

Open Source

Community driven and used by numerous organizations and individuals.