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Hyperledger Besu

Enterprise grade blockchain platform for private and public Ethereum networks.


Hyperledger Besu is Open Source, Java based and Apache 2.0 licensed.

PegaSys Engineering Protocol collaborated closely with Kaleido throughout the project’s development. Originally known as Pantheon before joining Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger community, Hyperledger Besu is the only Ethereum and mainnet platform within the foundation.

Hyperledger Besu is designed specifically to manage your Enterprise network workloads.


Ensure a stable network with Enterprise-grade consensus using IBFT 2.0 for high transaction throughput and fast finality.

  • Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT) 2.0 : Improved response to key safety and liveness issues. IBFT 2.0 offers extended fault tolerance and fast finality and is suitable for high performance enterprise blockchain networks.

  • Clique PoA: Provides byzantine fault tolerance and interoperability with other Ethereum clients, optimised to minimize (but not prevent) short-lived forks.


  • Control Access to Your Data: Define your network with a private blockchain. Manage access to information with permissioning features
  • Protect Your Proprietary Information: Ensure your intellectual property rights with enterprise friendly licensing from Apache 2.0
  • Ensure Peace of Mind with Reliable Consensus: Have transaction finality and high data integrity with our consensus algorithm, IBFT 2.0


Secure Permissioning

Leverage the most advanced permissioning functionality to easily manage account and node whitelisting, smart contracts and authenticated JSON-RPC calls.

Dependable Privacy

Ensure state consistency and have direct control over shared private data with flexible privacy groups.

Familiar Tooling

Intuitive features to deliver easy on-boarding and scalability, like Java based tools