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Hyperledger Besu

Ethereum implementation built from scratch to meet Enterprise requirements


Hyperledger Besu is an Open Source project designed with a modular architecture to meet the requirements of Enterprise Ethereum project.

Originally incubated under codename Pantheon, Kaleido collaborated closely with the original PegaSys engineering team throughout the project within the ConsenSys ecosystem of projects.

Having an independent codebase, written from scratch in Java with Enterprise in mind, provides great opportunities for innovation for this fast paced project.

Hyperledger Besu is ready for your Enterprise network workloads.


Enterprise blockchain networks require efficient consensus algorithms, with high throughput characteristics, built-in permissioning, and predictable behaviour.

  • Clique PoA: Provides byzantine fault tolerance, coping with large numbers of permissioned signers through a simple and effective strategy of deciding on block proposers, optimised to minimize (but not prevent) short-lived forks
  • Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT): Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm, with immediate finality, and permissioning



Allow only trusted nodes and accounts to participate in the blockchain. Permissioned networks can have node permissioning enabled, account permissioning enabled, or both. Onchain permissioning uses smart contracts to store and maintain the node whitelist.

Transaction/Contract Privacy

Privacy in Hyperledger Besu refers to the ability to keep transactions private between the involved parties. Other parties cannot access the transaction content or list of participating parties. Besu's private transaction manager, Orion, is designed to manage transactions and prevent double spend.

IBFT consensus

Proof of authority based consensus which provides immediate block finality, reduced time between blocks and high data integrity and fault tolerance. Hyperledger Besu's IBFT implementation guarantees immediate finality.

Clique/POA consensus

Proof of authority based consensus. Instead of miners racing to find a solution to a difficult problem, authorized signers create new blocks in a synchronized manner.

First public chain compatible Blockchain protocol in Hyperledger

Developed under Apache 2.0 license and now under the stewardship of the hyperledger, Besu is an open project aligned with the needs of Enterprise adoption