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App2App Messaging

Communicate securely and reliably with end-to-end encrypted messaging from Dapp to Dapp


Kaleido’s platform is fully equipped with the communication functionality modern business networks need to streamline their operations, including our secure, built-in off-chain communication for high throughputs that are not suitable for on-chain messaging. Our App2App messaging uses Kafka, the industry standard, and is encrypted for the utmost protection. No extra middleware is needed.

Furthermore, it’s easy to develop your Dapp in the language of your choice using modern APIs for data transfer on top of the core Kafka protocol using the industry standard Socket.IO.


Your Choice of Key Management

Kaleido uses PKCS #7 (Public Key Cryptography) standards with strong encryption keys, which you can manage yourself or have Kaleido manage on your behalf. We pin the identity associated with the keys to both your organization ID (pinned by public key infrastructure - PKI) and your on-chain identity.

Remain Confident in Your Confidentiality

The end-to-end encryption ensures that only your recipient receives your intended message and your data remains secure.

Using the Service

Senders and recipients are addressed through customizable names called destinations. To create a destination, open the App2app service dashboard, click on "Add Destination" and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the destination has been created, the API endpoint will be shown. Connect your application to this endpoint using Socket IO (