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Block Explorer

Get more insights through real-time & historical snapshots of your blockchain


A dashboard that provides real-time and historical snapshots of your blockchain.

Gain new insights with real-time visibility into the transaction history and operations of your blockchain network. Visualize your ledger, smart contracts and transactions, with a dashboard backed by a time series database and robust APIs.


Fully Transparent Dashboard

Block Explorer allows you to view on-chain activities by easily browsing blocks, transactions, smart contracts, gas rates, gas consumption and more in your environment.

Customized Data Views

Leverage the intuitive ledger API to create customized views of data on the chain. Drill down into block detail and extract patterns from relevant subsets of information.

Source Code Verification

Integrated source code verification feature to turn indecipherable byte code of a smart contract into plain text that can be verified by a counterparty prior to the issuance of a transaction or query.

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