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Document Store

Store, manage and share information from your own private document store


Many blockchain use cases require the pinning of on-chain transactions to securely stored documents that cannot be held on-chain, either because they are too large or the information is too sensitive to put into your immutable shared ledger. Kaleido’s Document Store was created for these use cases, providing a private store solely for your individual use. We provide the mechanism to generate hashes that uniquely tie an on-chain asset, token, or transaction to off-chain data.

(If you need an IPFS distributed peer-to-peer file share system where every member of your consortium can access every file, please see our IPFS File Store service.)


Easily Share Documents Using Secure App2App Messaging

Kaleido’s Document Store allows you to securely forward a copy of a document in your private library to the document store of another participant using our encrypted App2App Messaging Service.

Conveniently Connect to Your External Storage

Doc store provides APIs for managing the lifecycle of documents* and the ability to connect your private store to an external storage system such as AWS’ S3 or Azure Blob. *Available on Kaleido Business and Enterprise Plans only