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Simplify the submission of Ethereum transactions to the blockchain.

Enabled on Kaleido


Full Description

Remove the complexities associated with Ethereum transactions and solve your throughput dilemma with the Kaleido Eth-Connect bridge; a Web and Messaging API that greatly simplifies the submission of Ethereum transactions to the blockchain without rearchitecting your existing enterprise services.

Simple Payload Modeling
The bridge handles smart contract compilation, nonce management, RLP encoding and more, allowing you to communicate with the blockchain using lightweight transaction objects without impacting throughput.

Exactly Once Delivery
Avoid duplicated messages and incorrect results by leveraging Kafka.

Save time and money by easily integrating existing enterprise services with the blockchain, without needing to recode entire libraries with Ethereum-compatible APIs.

Optimize Transactions in Queue
Handle workload surges or periodic bursts with ease by automatically optimizing the distribution of transactions.