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Ether Pool

Enable token economy use cases without developing your own token


A private Ether Pool for token economy use cases.

Add flexibility to your blockchain solution by leveraging the intrinsic value of the Ethereum token in your private network. As you may know, you don’t need ether in a private network, but by having ether present, you allow for more functionality


The Only Restriction is Your Imagination

Increase versatility with token economy use cases, such as enforcing smart contract costs, prioritizing transaction mining, account to account transfers, incentive mechanisms or any other usage or application you conceive. You can use the Ether Pool function in conjunction with other token models, such as ERC 721 standards, for varied values such as in digital collectibles or art.

More Governance

Enjoy the flexibility to use and allocate Ether anyway you want, with governance of the Ether Pool at the sole discretion of the consortium. For example, you require certain smart contract costs or charge based on certain actions.