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On-Chain Registry

Bind verified digital certificates to org Ethereum addresses via on-chain registry


Bind organizations within your private networks to Ethereum addresses.

Add enterprise identity to your blockchain with a decentralized on-chain registry of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) backed digital certificates mapped to organizations, Ethereum addresses and end users.


Relationship Mapping

Register associated user identities and logically bind them to their organization. This allows external users to sign transactions with their own private keys, while still being unambiguously associated with the parent organization.

Convenience Translator

Easily find addresses of users and companies by exposing a plain text representation of targetable and indecipherable hex strings. Using reverse lookup, you can map nonsensical Ethereum account addresses (represented as indecipherable hex strings) to human readable identity assertions.

Profile Service

Store relevant public information associated with parent organizations and registered users in a fully transparent database, allowing for a historical snapshot of information to be captured indelibly on the blockchain for future audits or validation.

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