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IPFS File Store

Securely store data through a censorship resistant file sharing protocol


Securely store and share large files across multiple peer-to-peer file sharing protocol

A peer-to-peer technique and trusted data store for sharing large files and removing the possibility of censorship or unilateral deletion. The combination of distributed computing and content-based addressing makes Interplanetary File Systems (IPFS) both highly-performant and reliably persistent. Address large amounts of data with IPFS and place the immutable IPFS hashes into a blockchain transaction to timestamp and secure your content without having to put the data on the chain itself.


Simplified Sharing
Provides a clean and simple experience for securely uploading, retrieving and viewing files.

Censorship Resistant
Prevent the ability to unilaterally alter or delete with data sharding and peer-to-peer file storage techniques.

Retrieve What You Want
Identify pieces of an uploaded file and access only those pieces that are relevant for you.

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Kaleido Service

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