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REST API Gateway

APIs for all your Smart Contracts, backed by reliable Kafka streaming


Enterprise Grade connectivity to deploy and manage Smart Contracts, send Ethereum transactions, and query data from the chain.

The REST API Gateway takes everything an application developer need to focus on the Business Logic and user experience, without getting stuck in the complexities of Ethereum transaction submission, thick Web3 client libraries, nonce management, RLP encoding, transaction signing and contract management.

Just use the intuitive REST APIs generated for you, along with industry standard OpenAPI (Swagger) definitions and management APIs.

Let the REST API Gateway take care of the rest, backed by a fully-managed high throughput Apache Kafka infrastructure.


Deploy your first Smart Contract in seconds

All of the complexities of submitting transactions to Ethereum are handled for you. With one click in the UI you can deploy your first contract, then explore that API to send transactions, and read data in a convenient web experience. No special Blockchain coding expertise required.

REST APIs for your on-chain Logic & Data

OpenAPI (Swagger) definitions are generated for the Solidity Smart Contracts you enable on the REST API Gateway. The Blockchain becomes as simple to code against as any modern Web based system. No thick client libraries needed in your app, no complex type mapping. Connect directly from your core applications, or use your existing Integration tier / Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Deploy and Manage Smart Contracts

Keep track of your deployed smart contracts, with descriptive names and API documentation, rather than strings of Hex addresses.

Reliable Transaction Streaming, over Apache Kafka

The REST API Gateway handles smart contract compilation, nonce management, RLP encoding and more. It's all backed by the industry standard for reliable ordered streaming of transactions - Apache Kafka. So the same convenient APIs take you from first use, through to Enterprise Grade production use cases at scale.

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